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This time I will review briefly the blog I did my quick research about this blog and I found out that this blog emphasises keywords such as the best Islamic financial planning blog (in malay: blog perancangan kewangan Islam terbaik). Perhaps the author wants readers to recognise this blog as the best in Islamic financial planning niche.


Overall, I think this blog is quite good. At first glance, it is visually appealing. It’s not cluttered with too many ads that disrupt the reading experience.

Okay, let’s take a closer look. I will review based on several factors as follows:


The layout of this blog is quite good. Using a magazine theme, the author gathers and separates various niche categories into columns and sections. The magazine theme is visually appealing whether you browse using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The layout automatically adjusts to fit the device being used. So, for the layout, I give it 4 out of 5 stars rating.


Niche… haha… I’m actually somewhat skeptical when bloggers mix multiple niches in one blog. I automatically assume that the blogger lacks identity and doesn’t know what to write about. They seem a bit lost in the sea of niches.

I understand that the issue of niche is a dilemma for dedicated bloggers who initially started their blogs as personal diaries. They initially created blogs to share their life stories with readers, without bothering about the specific niche. They just want to share whatever their activities with their readers.

When they realise the importance of niche, especially in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation), they start to show some concern about it. They begin to think and decide which niche they should focus on. But from what I’ve seen, they become confused about what niche to write about. They worry that their sharing will be limited if they only focus on one niche. They fear running out of ideas later on.

So, they usually end up allowing several niches to coexist on their blog. To appease themselves, they categorise their blog niche as “lifestyle.” In reality, they don’t have a specific niche they truly focus on.

In my opinion, this kind of lifestyle niche is still a “rojak” blog. Haha… sorry if that sounds harsh. But from an SEO perspective, focusing on a single niche would provide an easier path for the blog. Such a blog would have a specific or commonly known niche, unlike a rojak blog.

However…! Oh, there’s a “but”… This blog, despite not having a truly specific niche, doesn’t appear too rojak (mixed bag) at first glance. This is because the author cleverly organises the various niches into specific columns on the blog. Thanks to the magazine theme that facilitates organizing these columns.

blog perancangan kewangan islam terbaik

Okay… These are the niches found in this blog. I’ll list and briefly comment on them:

Islamic Financial Planning

I believe this is the main niche. If you look at the blog description, the author emphasizes the keywords “best Islamic financial planning blog (blog perancangan kewangan Islam terbaik).” I read one of the articles on this blog that talks about the author’s career as an Islamic financial advisor. He has an Islamic Financial Planning certificate. It’s not easy to pass and obtain that IFP certificate. It means the author is truly qualified in his field.

So, that’s why the author tries his best to write about Islamic financial planning.


The author also shares knowledge about blogging. I believe that he has learned advanced blogging techniques from various sources. I can see that the articles under this blogging niche provide proper blogging knowledge aligned with Google’s guidelines.

Yes, I know. Because I’ve also learned SEO up to an advanced level.


Haha… there’s even a viral niche. This is about seizing opportunities when something goes viral. Sharing links on social media when news is being talked about, with slightly controversial and clickbait headlines, can attract a lot of traffic. However, if you want to play in the viral niche, the author needs to quickly sniff out potential viral topics and write about them. If they can be among the first to write about a viral story, the traffic will definitely skyrocket. Otherwise, other entertainment blogs will beat them to it.

As for me, I’m not really up for writing in the viral niche.


I noticed that the information shared in this niche is not ordinary. It relates to government-related information that is constantly sought after by the general public. Formal information such as government assistance, how to enroll a child in first grade at primary school, festive season aid, and more.

This niche is promising, but it would be even better if it’s written with proper SEO techniques, allowing the articles to rank on the first page of Google search results for the relevant keywords. If the author can achieve that, their blog has the potential to become a popular reference and generate high traffic.


Ah, travel niche is also included. The author must be someone who enjoys traveling and capturing his travel moments. Besides social media, a blog serves as a place to store such memories.


The food niche is quite common. But if the author can present food reviews with interesting pictures and skillfully use keywords, this food niche can attract a lot of traffic.

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Those are the niches that I found in the this blog

Delivery Style

This is one thing I like. The author’s writing style is not too serious and sometimes relaxed, with a touch of humor. In short, it provides easy and enjoyable reading while sharing knowledge and information.

The way the content is presented is also easily understandable. That’s great!

SEO (search engine optimisation)

At first glance, I can tell that the author has knowledge of SEO. Maybe not extensive, but at least they have a basic understanding. From what I’ve observed, the writing style incorporates somewhat advanced SEO techniques.


I tested the page speed of this blog using the GTmetrix tool. It’s okay, decent. It’s considered fast enough. Speed is crucial to strengthen SEO.


In conclusion, this blog is good. There’s a lot of knowledge to gain, and the sharing doesn’t include unnecessary things. You’ll always find useful information and advice through reading this blog especially on niche Islamic Financial Planing. If he consistently focus on this niche, it is not impossible that this blog can achieve the target to be the best financial planning blog or blog perancangan kewangan Islam terbaik.

Congratulations to the author. I highly recommend visiting this blog. There’s a lot you can benefit from here.


On a scale of 5, I give it 4 stars. If it had a truly focused niche, I might give it a perfect score.

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