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This is a continuation of my first article on this blog, “At Last.. I Have An English Blog..! Yesszaaa..!“. I write this article about how gets its name, in a simple way so that it is interspersed with other articles which is more technical.

Continuing from my previous article, this is about my blog. Yup, this blog that you are reading now. In the previous article, I explained why I finally decided to have an English blog. After setting up the process and filling in the content for 6 days, it feels so good to write in English. Now, I feel like I am addicted to writing more and more articles for this blog.

It is a satisfaction when I successfully express my ideas in my head in an article in English. The happiness is indescribable. I can also learn many things about English writing while improving my English.

Okay, let’s get back to the purpose of writing this article. I just want to explain why I chose the domain name: Actually, I had originally envisioned the domain, as I am very interested in becoming a digital nomad. Working without a specific time, anywhere without having to deal face to face with clients.

However, because the name “digital nomad” has become very popular and is desired by people all over the world, the name has already been taken. So, I switched to other names that had similar meanings and sounds similar to “digital nomad”. But, other synonyms such as “remote worker,” “digital traveler,” and “freelancer,” have also been taken.

So, I had to think long and hard to find another domain name. Then, I dissected the meaning of each word: “Digital” means something managed using a computer and online. “Nomad” means a person who moves from one place to another.

So, a “digital nomad” is someone who works using a computer with internet connectivity to complete assigned tasks. They do not have to meet with the person who hires or pays their salary to make online projects. They work while traveling from one place to another, exploring new places.

So, I changed “digital nomad” to “cyber trouper”.

how gets its name - travel blog

“Cyber” means networking, something related to computers and the internet. “Trouper” means a person or group of entertainers who move from one place to another in Europe in the past.

So, the meaning is roughly the same as “digital nomad”. Only “cyber trouper” sounds like “cyber trooper,” which means someone who acts like a computer hacker and becomes hired to do something bad online.

But, in terms of pronunciation, it sounds good and catchy. So, I dared to use this domain name. I summarized it as CyTrou (pronounced: [“Sai: Tru]”).

That’s how gets its name. The story behind the scene!

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