The Importance of SEO In Writing Blogs or Websites

Do not ignore the importance of SEO in writing blogs or websites. Why it is so important? Please read till the end. Then you must agree with me.

It is undeniable that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important in writing blogs or websites. Without proper SEO, it will be difficult for readers to find the articles we write. If readers cannot find our articles, then the information we share will not be widely spread.

importance of SEO in writing blogs or websites - seo techniques
Many know the importance of SEO in writing blogs or websites, but not many are willing to learn

Our blogs or websites will not have much traffic. This is because people cannot find our articles when they search for what they want using specific keywords in the Google search box. It’s even worse if the blog or website is new and has a low rating on Google. To put it into perspective, Google will give a high rating to blogs that have a large and complete network of links.

When a blog receives backlinks or hyperlinks from outside, it means that our blog has become a reference to other blogs and the blog has credited our blog. On the other hand, if the blogger or website owner provides links to other blogs, it means that the writer has done research about what is written and is giving credit to the reference source.

To get a large and complete network of links, the blog or website must have many articles. The blog or website must have been established a long time before. If it is newly established, how could our blog receive many references from outside?

Seriously…! For a new blog, it is difficult to rank the keywords we choose. Additionally, if the blog is written in English, competition for the keywords we want to rank will certainly be high. This is because the whole world writes blogs in English.

In contrast to blogs written in Malay, only Malays write in their mother tongue. How could people in Africa write blogs in Malay? The same goes for other places. They do not know how to speak and understand the Malay language.

So if the keywords are written in Malay, the competition will only be in the Asian region such as Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, and other Asian countries that use Malay as a communication language.

However, if the keywords we choose to rank are not popular keywords and not many people are searching for them, our article using those keywords may still appear on the first page of the Google search engine given that we know how to optimize the keywords in article and blog or website properly.

That is why bloggers today cannot just write. They need to know about SEO to make the keywords in their blog articles appear on the first page of the Google search engine and attract more traffic and increase the popularity of the blog or website. They really need to wake up and realize the importance of SEO in writing blogs or websites. So please register yourself for SEO classes.

To cut short the process of searching for a good SEO class, you can read this link and register yourself if you want: Kelas Belajar Buat Blog dan SEO

Now we see the importance of SEO in writing blogs and websites. It is good to know the SEO technique of writing, right?

importance of SEO in writing blogs or websites - baby blogger
baby blogger

A real example that just happened this morning. A client of mine WhatsApp and told me that she found my English blog when searching for a keyword for the event she was organizing. This is a very new blog. I wrote the first article on 25th January 2023. It’s a baby blog. But it is able to appear on the first page of the Google Search Engine. Bravo!

So, Alhamdulillah…! CyTrou did a great job by paying attention to SEO writing. Well done…!

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