Digital Nomad, Me and a cup of Coffee

This afternoon I had a cup of coffee at the Bukit Jelutong coffee shop. It’s Kopi Mesin, one of the best coffee shops here. This is where I usually stop by to quench my thirst every day after sending my child to his Islamic school (In the morning she went to primary school)

digital nomad - kopi mesin

Sometimes I don’t just stop by here. If I don’t have any meetings with my clients, I will sit here writing and updating my blogs until the time comes to pick up my child from an Islamic school. 

Sometimes I make reports about my client’s investments to be presented at the upcoming meeting.

In short, I can say that my face is very familiar here. The staffs here are already very familiar with my handsome face (sorry, I have to tell the “truth”. Haha). But so far they have only seen me typing and working on my laptop. 

Today, one of them dared to ask.

“Sorry bang, nak tanya. Abang kerja apa ya. Saya tengok Abang sella lepak sini minum kopi dan main-main dengan laptop”
(“Excuse me bro, I have a question. What do you really do for a living? I see you leisurely hanging out here every day, having coffee and playing with your laptop?”) 

This is probably a question that has been on their minds for a long time. Today, they finally mustered up the courage to ask.

I was not surprised by the question. I have been asked this kind of question many times before from the cafes where I often stop to quench my thirst and do online work.

With a smile, I replied, “Saya ni freelancer. I menulis dan banyak buat kerja online. Saya tak perlu pergi pejabat. Saya boleh kerja di mana-mana sahaja” 
(I’m a freelancer. I write and work online. I don’t need to go to the office, I can work anywhere,”)

I replied briefly, explaining the scope of my work as a writer only, without touching my other work as a financial consultant. There’s no need for me to explain my work as a financial consultant yet. One day they will find out.

Another staff who had been following the brief conversation then added,

“Kerja macamana tu bang? Macam best jer tak perlu pergi ke Pejabat..!
(”What kind of work is that? It seems like it’s so great that you don’t have to go to the office!”)

My mind was racing. How do I tell them about freelance writing in a concise way? It is because I have a blog to update now and I don’t want to waste my time. If I don’t write an article today, it will disrupt my plan to target 20 articles in 2 weeks. This blog is a new blog. So I have to work hard to update it so that readers don’t feel like they’re reading a new blog when they pay a visit.

A Digital Nomad can work anywhere

So I said, “tau tak digital nomad? Saya boleh dikira macam digital nomad la” (“Do you know digital nomad? I can be considered a digital nomad”), I replied briefly, as I picked up my receipt and walked to the table I had chosen. From a distance, I saw their faces furrow in confusion about what a digital nomad is. Hahaha.

Suddenly, I had an idea to write about digital nomads in a future article.

Haha. Stay tuned!

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