Happening Now..! The Biggest Peranakan Lantern in Jonker Walk Melaka

The gigantic and Biggest Peranakan Lantern in Jonker Walk Melaka. What is this? Please read till the end for the details.

When was the last time you visited Jonker Walk? As for me, the last time I went to Jonker Walk was 7 years ago. A long time before Covid-19 hit the world. 

jonker walk during day time
photo: wikipedia

Not long after that, the world was shocked by an attack from nano creatures known as Covid19. Its effects were not insignificant. The whole world was affected by the death of millions of people on the earth.

Not only that, but it also gave a huge impact on the world economy. Our country Malaysia is also not spared. Our economy is severely affected as many economic activities cannot be continued due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) that has been implemented. As a result, many factories and businesses have been forced to close, causing many people to lose their jobs. Life is indeed difficult..!

Now, all that has passed. Although Covid19 is still around us, we can now accept it as a part of our lives. Thanks to the vaccines that have been able to curb the attack of covid19. The vaccine gives our body immunity against the Covid19 pandemic.

Now the economy is getting better. Economic activities are becoming more lively. Tourist attraction centers are also becoming more crowded with visitors.

When mentioning tourism, there is news for you. It’s about the development at Jonker Walk Melaka. If you go to Jonker Walk now, you can see with your own eyes a pair of the Biggest Peranakan Lanterns on display there. Alongside these giant lanterns, there are also 800 smaller lanterns or also well known as tanglung by local people hanging in JonkerWalk, making it very lively during this Chinese New Year festival season.

biggest peranakan lanterns in jonker walk

This giant and biggest Peranakan Lantern is the result of sponsorship from Himalayan Sports Candy. With its large size, it has been entered into the Malaysia Books of Record. It is hoped that this giant and biggest Peranakan Lantern will attract more tourists from within and outside the country to Jonker Walk Melaka and revive the tourism industry in Melaka as before.

biggest peranakan lanterns - 800 smaller lenaterns

If you go there, you can see the pattern paintings on the giant lanterns which have a great history behind them. The lantern originally comes from China. It was brought in by Admiral Zheng He and his navigators on the orders of the Chinese emperor at that time.

From that voyage, a mixed marriage between the Chinese and the local people occurred. The descendants of this marriage are called Baba Nyonya. They look like Chinese people but practice local culture. This culture they still hold on to today. They are famous for Baju Kebaya and Dondang Sayang rhythm songs.

So, to those who are free come to Jonker Walk. See the biggest Peranakan Lantern for yourself. Take a selfie and post it on social media. It will definitely be impressive. Your followers will surely like it..!

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