At Last.. I Have an English Blog..! Yesszaaa..!

Finally, my dream of having an English-language blog has come true. I’ve had this intention for a long time, but I was scared of starting an English blog because I was afraid it would be abandoned. I afraid I don’t have time to write this blog. Even my 2 Malay language blogs are not updated regularly. Then, how am I going to write an English blog?

why you need to write an english blog - digital nomad
this is not me of course. but I like this digital nomad photo.

There are many reasons why I want to have an English blog. Some of them are:

Very few Malay bloggers write in English

Yes, very few Malay bloggers write in English. It’s really a shame when I sometimes get projects from clients to find Malay bloggers who write English blogs. It’s so hard to find. There are a few people on my list, but to be honest, the quality of their blogs and writing is still not up to the standard in my eyes. So with this blog, I hope it will increase the number of Malay bloggers who write in English in the industry.

To sharpen my writing skills in English

I’ve been learning English for a long time. From primary school, then it continued in high school. Then continued again for 2 years in the matriculation center. Not enough that, my journey in English learning continued for 4 years in university. The university where I studied before was medium in English.

I’ve been away from writing in English for a long time. It feels strange now when I want to write in English. So, with this English blog, I hope my writing skill will improve.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is my passion. I really like to play with SEO. A lot of my writing in my Malay blog is about SEO techniques. To rank keywords in Malay is relatively easy. However, to rank the keywords to appear on the first page of the Google search engine for a blog that is using the English language as a medium is not something easy.

That’s why I want to challenge myself to write an English blog with SEO techniques to see how far my abilities are in SEO for English searches. If I succeed in ranking the keywords in English, it means my blog will be flooded with traffic from readers.

Those are the 3 reasons why I finally tried to create an English language blog. This blog will also include a few niches like travel, lifestyle, food, and other niches. So that I can easily write and share many things in various niches.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. I will try to provide useful content for readers.

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